Are you interested in preserving history?
Join us!  The Mercer Meeting House Association is accepting new members. Our members range in age from 13 to 99, if you have passion for preserving history - age is no matter.  Meetings are held quarterly, more frequently when there is an upcoming event or project that needs tending to.  We are a fun, spirited, ambitious group who strive to maintain this historic gem for future generations.  Won't you join us?

Projects are on-going.  Please view the slideshow to see what all the fuss is about.  Likewise, if you see a project that interests you, or you have expertise in...  contact us!  We'd love to talk to you! 


 *  Original Tin Ceilings - in dire need of repair/replacement where rust deterioration has caused structural damage to 8 tiles.


*  Water Damage - recently discovered to the right front door, the threshold is experiencing advanced stages of water damage and will need replacing/repair as soon as possible.


*  Window Repair/Re-Glazing - many of the window panes are original glass, the swirls and bubbles are unique in every window and remind us of the dedication and craftsmanship involved when constructing this circa 1800 building.  The harsh Maine winters have forced us to replace many panes with newer, modern glass panes.  The remaining are in need of repair - mostly to secure existing panes to the grids, and re-glaze to ensure weather resistance.


*  Memories of the Past - this is an on-going project, aimed at those who live in, or are past residents of Mercer.  We ask that if you have a memory of Mercer, if you took part in an event at the Meeting House (wedding, graduation, reunion, etc.) that you email us so that we may compile these stories for all to share.  What a better way to reunite, reminisce and remember the times past?  Have pictures - share them with us... we'll post those as well.  We plan to join in an effort to share images and stories, we hope you share with us so that we may share with others.