The members of the Mercer Meeting House Association were previously known as the Mercer Old Home Days Association. When the Meeting House was built, it was the center of activity in the town.  All social events were held there; town meetings, graduations, church services, weddings, funerals, reunions and the like.  In the years to come, the purpose of the Meeting House changed.  Newer buildings were constructed; the grange hall, the town hall, the vestry and auditoriums.  With the introduction of such buildings, the need to hold events at the Meeting House dwindled.  In 1935, a few dedicated townspeople came together and decided that an Alumni Reunion weekend should be held.  In such they would invite past and present residents of Mercer to join them on the lawn of the Meeting House for a picnic and performance.  The event was such a success that it became an annual tradition, and known to all as "Old Home Days", taking place on the first Sunday in August.  The committee responsible would come to be known as the Mercer Old Home Days Association.

Today, the Meeting House is dated, showing it's 200 years of age.  It doesn't feature modern amenities like indoor plumbing, air conditioning or even a heating system. The building isn't as popular in the town as it once was, taking a back seat to newer, modern facilities.  In the past 15 years the Mercer Old Home Days Association has made aggressive repairs and restoration to the building, placing it on both the State of Maine, and National Registers of Historic Places.   Focus has shifted from just an annual weekend, to that of year-round restoration projects with much attention to  preserving historical integrity.


In 2013, the Mercer Old Home Days Association chose to change it's name to the Mercer Meeting House Association.  As it better reflects their efforts and their dedication to preserving history.  Rest assured, the Old Home Days weekend will continue as it has for nearly 80 years.


The Mercer Meeting House Association is proud to announce their non-profit 501c3 status with the IRS, ensuring opportunity for federal and state grant funding for future repair and restoration.  All proceeds from our fundraising efforts directly fund repair projects and with the continued support of town and community, the Meeting House will stand for generations to come.